Refund Policy

No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

Over 30 years, we have sold hundreds of thousands of UN-SKRUs through our ads in the AARP Shopper and other high quality catalogs.

Install the UN-SKRU. If you are not absolutely pleased with it, return it within 30 days for a FULL REFUND of your money. No quibbling … just your money back promptly. Send to: UN-SKRU, Multi Marketing & Mfg., PO Box 1070 Littleton, CO 80160.


Align straight edge of UN-SKRU flush with the 1-inch framing on front edge of a cabinet or shelf. using the provided screws, install right, then left front screw. Do not use the back screw.


1.Slip jar into Slide to right left side,then

2.Wedge against gripper, turn jar LEFT to open

Opening Small Jars
Opening Small Jars

Use the recessed part of the UN-SKRU and open the same way as for large jars.