The Amazing UN-SKRU Under-cabinet Jar Opener!


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This is the Original UN-SKRU® Jar Opener, as seen in the AARP Bulletin, in quality catalogs like Brookstone and Sears, and featured in The Arthritis Foundation’s Guide to Independent Living.  Seniors have trusted the exceptional quality of the UN-SKRU® for over 40 years. No other opener has matched the simplicity and reliability of the UN-SKRU. Warranted to last 5 years, known to last over 2 decades! A thoughtful gift for you or your loved one.
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24 reviews for The Amazing UN-SKRU Under-cabinet Jar Opener!

  1. janetlane

    Thank you so much.
    It’s the greatest jar opener ever.
    My daughter and I give them as house warming gifts.
    Thanks again.
    R. Williams, Arizona

  2. J Penaligon

    Great product for opening those extremely tight lids, we love it.

  3. Tracy N

    I installed one for my mother, and then immediately bought another for myself (years ago) – still works great. Spread the word – best opener 🙂

    • janetlane

      We so appreciate our loyal customers, Tracy. Thank you!

  4. Brian James (verified owner)

    This device is simple and it works very well. No more tapping, running under hot water, severe hand cramping and the like. Place and twist and it’s open. Takes a couple of minutes to get the hang of it. Good product, anticipating it will last way longer than I will.

    • janetlane

      So glad to learn the UN-SKRU works well for you, Brian. Your sense of humor made me smile. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Karen (verified owner)

    I had an UN-SKRU for over 20 years. In the last year and a half, I’ve moved twice and somehow it got left behind. So as I settled into my new home I began to miss it and order two more: one for myself and one for a friend. We both love them. They are so easy, so convenient, and designed to open any size jar with a screw-on lid. No implement has ever been made to work so well for its intended purpose. And the price is amazing! Thank you ever so much!

    • janetlane

      Music to our ears, Karen, thank you so much. We’ve been selling UN-SKRUs for over forty years, and I love hearing from people who appreciate them. I’m wishing you a happy spring in your new home!

  6. Ruth Williams (verified owner)

    Best jar opener ever made – bar none! I got mine in about 1976 and I still use it. When my daughter moved out and needed one we couldn’t find them and tried every other type made. None work as well. Finally, I found one about 10 years ago for her. Now I keep a supply on hand. My daughter and I give them as house warming gifts. They are loved by everyone. Thank you!

    • janetlane

      Ruth, thank you! We really appreciate the time you took to write such a detailed review of the UN-SKRU. You are one of our “classic customers,” those who have appreciated the UN-SKRU and generously shared it with others over the years. We thought you’d enjoy seeing one of our earliest ads, this one from our AARP ad in the early 1970s. I included our historic packaging, just for fun. You can see them at my blog, HERE

  7. Charles W Pickelsimer III (verified owner)

    The Original UN-SKRU and Only one we use. The other ones out there are cheap and we think Dangerous imitations. We have been using the UN-SKU brand for years. It’s the Greatest.

    • janetlane

      Charles, thank you for your review, your loyalty, and your recognition of the quality of the UN-SKRU brand. Thank you for spreading the word, and happy spring!

  8. Penny Frey (verified owner)

    Ten years ago I was experiencing trouble opening bottles as the strength in my hands was diminishing. Fortunately I saw an ad for UnSkru and thought I’d give it a try. Words cannot express the joy I felt using my new kitchen device, it was amazing and continues being one of the most important accessories in my kitchen and motorhome. It is also the gift I love sending to friends and family so they too can enjoy this truly amazing tool. And the fact that it is made in America just adds to the thrill of your product.

    • janetlane

      Penny, we are grateful for your kind words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the UN-SKRU with us and the community.

  9. Hazel Johnson

    It is the best! I used to have an UN-SKRU in a previous home. Here in this home I purchased a different jar opener but decided not to install it. Instead I went on-line and found where to purchase an UN-SKRU. Very happy to be using it again.

    • janetlane

      Thanks for your review, Hazel. When the UN-SKRU is installed under the cabinet, it’s always there but becomes invisible until you need to open a jar. You’re not alone–in the busy-ness of moving, some people inadvertently leave their UN-SKRU behind. Thank you for seeking out the UN-SKRU and finding us!

  10. Heather (verified owner)

    Have had one for almost 30 years. Excellent!!!! Still looks brand new. Just ordered 3 more for family. They love it too!
    Spoke to Janet at the company and she was wonderful. Janet and the product earn a 10 on my scale!

    • janetlane

      Heather, that’s an impressive statistic — thirty years! We’re thrilled to learn this! Thanks for sharing! –Janet, blushing and appreciative of my 10 rating! 🙂

  11. Amy Honey

    GREAT product. OMG Game changer. I have arthritis in my thumbs, and I’ve always been independent. So, to NOT have to ask my husband to open jars has been AMAZING! I’m so grateful, I love this!!

    • janetlane

      Your enthusiasm brightens our day, Amy. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!

  12. Sylvia (verified owner)

    We have had an Un-Skru in our kitchen for at least 40 years, and use it FREQUENTLY. It always works, is out of sight under a cupboard and not taking up space in a drawer – this is a RAVE REVIEW. We’ve given them for gifts, which this most recent one was. Thank you for a great product.

    • janetlane

      … and thank YOU, Sylvia for your rave review! 40 years! 😀

  13. Mary (verified owner)

    I’ve had your opener for over 30 years. Got it when you advertised in the AARP publication. Loved it. Sold the house and it stayed. Tried something new but it d diidn’t work so finally found you on line. Thank you for this terrific product.

    • janetlane

      Hi, Mary! It’s so kind of you to share your story. And thank YOU for finding us on line so you could replace your UN-SKRU. We’re wishing you much happiness in your new home!

  14. Jean Johnson (verified owner)

    I bought my first Un skru in the late 70s. I still have and use it. I bought many over the years for family and friends. The best gadget you never knew you needed. Highly recommend.

    • janetlane

      We appreciate your loyalty and enthusiasm, Jean. And oh, you coined a marvelous phrase there: “The best gadget you never knew you needed.” Love it!

  15. Cathlene

    I purchased a house 26 years ago that the UN-SKRU was accidently left behind. We moved to a new house 13 years ago. The UN-SKRU came with us. I am now getting one for each of my daughters. This is a must in any kitchen.

  16. tom (verified owner)

    UN-SKRU works great and everybody that I have given one also likes it. The sturdiness of this product mounted under a cabinet makes it easy to use 2 hands on the bottle to open it (IE: no need to hold an opener with one hand and the bottle with the other). The 3 that I ordered today are for Christmas presents to another 3 people. Incidentally, I had a little trouble ordering and Janet at Multi Marketing was quick to respond answering my questions and and helping me to order. Thankyou Janet!

    • janetlane

      You’re welcome, Tom, and thank you for your comments. It was a pleasure to help you! Happy Holidays!

  17. Charity S (verified owner)

    Purchased this for my Dad who has trouble opening jars. He loves it! AAA+++

  18. Les Manning

    Works great. Especially useful for people that have lost the strength in their hands or are arthritic. Anyone who has trouble opening jars should consider this aid. Will be ordering one for the camper.

  19. Steve Booth (verified owner)

    My wife said that they were no longer made and that she couldn’t find them anywhere. I also looked and came up empty. However, I noticed a label on the one that we had that defined the warranty stated “Multi Mktg and Mfg”… and so I re-searched and found y’all. It’s gonna be a surprise for her.

    My order’s in for three units. I can’t see how anyone could give this less than five stars.

    • janetlane

      Hi, Steve,

      Thank you for your loyalty and sheer tenacity in finding us!

      We’ll ship this today, and thank you again for your comments and for your loyalty! Did a Google search for UN-SKRU (or UNSKRU) fail to produce our website? We’re trying very hard to be “reachable,” so any info you can share will be appreciated. Thank you for your order, and best wishes for a pleasant autumn! –Janet

      Janet at Multi Marketing & Mfg., Inc.

  20. Mary Ann Benniink (verified owner)

    I have used the can opener for at least 20 years and the plastic cracked. I ordered a new one and it is the very same and the previous one and I am happy it has not changed as the first one work so well for so long

    • janetlane

      Good morning, Mary Ann. Thank you for your recent purchase, and your comments about our UN-SKRU Jar Opener. We’re delighted to be reminded of how many years of service the UN-SKRU provides our customers. We use only top-grade American-made materials, and your feedback is appreciated!

  21. Cj

    We have been living in our home for 7 years now, and only tonight finally found out what the “brown plastic device” is mounted under the cabinets. Of course we immediately tried to open anything with a lid we could find, and it worked like it was brand new! It has held up better than anything else in this 1972 home, and we are relieved to finally have an answer!

    • janetlane

      Hi, Cj! We were delighted to read your story of how you discovered the UN-SkRU jar opener. We call it “The lifetime tool, known to last decades,” and it proves itself, time and again. Thank you for sharing your story, and come the holidays, share your discovery by gifting the UN-SKRU to your family and friends. It’s a useful tool that keeps giving and giving. Happy Autumn! –Janet

  22. Dixie Holtz

    I have had my “unskru” for many, many years, and all of my friends are jealous.
    Not knowing where to find one like mine, many friends have purchased a lesser quality.
    Now, I went searching and found your “unskru,” which I consider the “real McCoy” in
    bottle openers. So, I am buying some for gifts.

    • janetlane

      A pleasure to hear from you, Dixie, and thank you for your loyalty and comments. There must be fifty different styles of under-cabinet jar openers, but the UN-SKRU is the best, and we appreciate our friends and customers. Thank you for playing “Santa” to your family by gifting them the UN-SKRU. Wishing you a lovely autumn and blessed holiday season! –Janet

  23. Deborah Bocook (verified owner)

    I have had an UN-SKRU opener for probably twenty-five or thirty years. When my husband finally broke it opening a ridiculously tight lid, I was devastated. Having rheumatoid arthritis makes this kitchen tool an absolute necessity. The only things I cannot open myself are things too heavy for me to hold up. This product is amazing. It stays hidden under the cabinet until I need it, but when I do… I feel empowered.

    One tiny observation: My original one was tan and seemed almost invisible. My new one is white, and although not obvious, I do notice it more.

  24. Kathryn

    I “stumbled” onto this jar opener years ago…at least 30 years ago! It has moved with me around the country to three different states. Last year, the metal “grabber” pulled out of the device. I was sad and didn’t know how to look for a new one! Then, VOILA! The Internet! I found you tonight, much to my joy and delight! I gladly am a “Chamber of Commerce” person for your product! It is wonderful! As I’ve grown older into “seniorhood,” it has become all the more appreciated by me!

    (I would appreciate a text from you, giving me a number to call you to order your product. I am unfamiliar with Apple Pay? Please contact me.) Thank you ever so much. Gratefully, Kathryn

    • janetlane

      Hi, Kathryn, and thank you for your rating and comments. Thirty years, that’s remarkable. It’s our pleasure to offer this truly amazing product to good people like you. Your UN-SKRU Jar Opener has been a loyal soldier, opening tight, tough jars for you for over three decades of service. Just send that old soldier to us and we’ll replace it free of charge. Multi Marketing & Mfg., Inc., PO Box 1070, Littleton, CO 80160. Also, here’s our email:

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This is the Original UN-SKRU® Under Cabinet Jar Opener, as seen in the AARP Bulletin, in quality catalogs like Brookstone and Sears, and featured in The Arthritis Foundation’s Guide to Independent Living.  Seniors have trusted the exceptional quality of the UN-SKRU® for over 40 years. No other opener has matched the simplicity and reliability of the UN-SKRU. Warranted to last 5 years, known to last over 2 decades! A thoughtful gift for you or your loved one.

The most versatile Under Cabinet Jar Opener

The UN-SKRU opens all sizes of jar lids. No lid is too small – it opens tiny 1/2 inch medicine tubes and fingernail polish jars … and no lid is too large — it opens monster jar lids up to 5 inches in diameter. And yes, it opens those frustrating press-and-turn, child-proof medicine jars, too!

UN-SKRU Under Cabinet Jar Opener

  • Opens ALL lid sizes – from 1/2″ to 5″ in diameter
  • Safe and easy! No sharp parts, no batteries
  • Always! USA quality you can trust, 5-year warranty
  • No strength needed!  Great for arthritis, wrist rehab
  • Easy to install – 2 steel screws give stability and leverage.

The UN-SKRU arrives at your home in bright, informative packaging perfect for gift-giving. It reflects our 30-day money-back guarantee and our solid five-year warranty, with quick product replacement in the highly unlikely event that the opener is defective. The package lists the features and provides easy installation instructions.

UPC Code: 607562003335

Additional information

Weight7 oz
Dimensions4 × .875 × 8.75 in