Q: Are you in the United States? I’ve heard nightmare stories about international scams and waiting for months for an inferior or replacement product?

Yes, we are an American company, in Colorado since 1977. We proudly make the UN-SKRUTM in the USA using the highest quality ABS plastic, and the knurled gripper is also made in the USA of case-hardened steel. We stand by our product with a money back guarantee and a full five-year warranty. 

Q: Does it need batteries?

No! You needn’t worry about a dead battery stopping you from opening a jar, nor should you be concerned about the environment when you dispose of an unneeded battery. The UN-SKRUTM provides the leverage and grip you need to open jars effortlessly.

Q: Can I hurt myself trying to clean the sharp teeth?

No. The UN-SKRUTM is safe. There are no sharp teeth on the UNSKRUTM.  Should you use an already opened jar that has honey, jelly, glue—anything that will make opening the jar even harder than it was initially—the UN-SKRUTM will open those jars, too. In those cases, there may be jelly residue on the gripper. Since there are no sharp parts to injure you, you can safely wipe the gripper with a clean cloth.

Q: Do you offer discounts if I order more than one?

Yes, it makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays. You can get a discount in your cart.

Q: If I don’t like it, can I get my money back?

Yes, we guarantee your satisfaction! If you’re not pleased, return your UN-SKRUTM  within 30 days with proof of purchase and no quibbles—we’ll promptly return your money.

Q: Can I use the UN-SKRU without installing it under a cabinet or shelf?

No. The UN-SKRUTM must be installed.  Installation stabilizes the opener and gives you more strength and leverage to open jars.

Q: Does it open large jar lids?

Yes! It opens every size lid from ¼ inch to a full 5 inches in diameter.

Q: Will it open my medicine jars?

Yes, in a flash. Just press up and then press it snug to the knurled gripper.

Q: How do I install the UN-SKRU?

It installs under your wood cabinet or shelf with three sturdy steel screws. With your purchase you receive complete installation and use instructions on the back of the package.

Q: How does it work?

Not the sleek design of the UN-SKRUTM and the curved curb that runs along the rounded edge. Simply slide the lid of any screw-top jar into the left side of the UN-SKRUTM along that curved curb until it wedges between the side and the knurled griper post. Then turn jar to the left.

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