Best tools answer ongoing need, Arthritis and Tools for Daily Living

Many of our customers have a touch of arthritis and find the UN-SKRU helps protect their joints from strain while opening stubborn jar lids.

The Arthritis Foundation offers these guidelines when selecting kitchen and gardening tools that help protect your hands from strain and injury during normal daily living.

•Be selective. Think about the tasks that are difficult for you on a regular basis and look for products that can make them easier.

•Select products with texture. For example, when selecting glassware, drinking glasses with bumpy exteriors are easier to grasp than glasses with smooth exteriors.

•Seek lightweight products that require minimal upkeep and are safe to use.

•Avoid products that are difficult to grasp or require twisting with your fingers to open and close. Instead, look for flip-top caps, zippers and larger, easy-to-open lids.

•Avoid the bells and whistles. Look for products that are simple and practical, rather than fancy gadgets with intricate pieces.

Following these guidelines will also help you select tools that make thoughtful and welcome gifts.

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